I’ve written a bunch of things.

My Blog

I’ve been blogging on mostly technical topics since the early 2000’s. All of my work since 2008 is available on my blog, House Absolute(ly Pointless).

Some selected posts:


Perl Core Documentation

I wrote perlootut from scratch and revised perlobj from the ground up for the Perl 5.16.0 release in 2012.

I made major edits to several other documents in the Perl core, including perlhack, perlhacktut, perlhacktips, and perlsource.

Moose documentation

I received a grant from The Perl Foundation in 2009 to work on the documentation for Moose, an OO system for Perl.

I revised all of the existing API docs, wrote new cookbook recipes, and wrote the Moose::Manual documentation from scratch.


I contributed two chapters to RT Essentials from O’Reilly and Associates, published 8/2005.

I co-authored Embedding Perl in HTML with Mason with Ken Williams from O’Reilly and Associates, published 10/2002. It is also freely available online.